Since early childhood Don Dudenbostel has been interested in photography as an art form. He found a way to combine art and science for a high school science fair project in the 1960’s. With the help of an engineer Dudenbostel built his first x-ray apparatus from a variety of discarded parts. It is now forty years later and he has refocused on x-ray imaging. Due to advances in science, he is now able to capture even more of the delicacies of his subject matter.

The process of producing these radiographs is challenging. The equipment used for floral images is obtained from discarded equipment, whereas for the shells and toys he is using traditional medical equipment. He places the specimen directly on top of the film in the position required to see the image, and then places an x-ray tube directly above it. An appropriate energy is applied to the tube resulting in exposures ranging from half a second to 15 minutes. The radiographic negatives are developed in the traditional

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DON  DUDENBOSTEL Southern Magnolia 2