Mitch was born and raised in small-town Frankfort. New York. Attending engineering school, Mitch received his PhD in Mathematics and went on to teach as a tenured professor for 11 years at Montana State University.

In 1973, Mitch took up painting as a hobby. He quickly discovered that painting, not teaching, was what he longed to do. A year and a half later, he resigned his position to paint full-time. Studying with Don Stone, Mitch quickly became a nationally recognized watercolorist and was accepted into numerous American Watercolor Society Exhibitions.

Always up for a new adventure, Mitch switched to oils and the plein air tradition of turn of the century impressionists. To paint plein air is to be totally a part of landscape — light and atmosphere. Finish work may be completed in the studio, but the work is about the present, capturing a special moment or feeling of place that can’t be experienced again in just the same way.