Glade Sarbach Davis is a nationally acclaimed designer, goldsmith and sculptor.  His diverse mediums include precious metals, bronze, fossil ivory and stone.  His custom jewelry is in collections around the world, including those of Stephen and Tabitha King and the Hemmingway family.

In 1973, Glade Sarbach Davis began his professional career.  The self-taught artisan worked for ten years against such glorious backdrops as Park City, Utah and Sun Valley, Idaho.  Ready for a change, Glade moved from the mountains in 1982 to the Caribbean. There he opened a custom jewelry store and art gallery at a seaside resort hotel in St. Croix.  Since his return to the mainland in 1988, Glade has made Idaho his home.  Glade Davis continues his tradition of designing and creating unique jewelry and sculpture for discriminating buyers worldwide.

Sculpture commissions include pieces for the CBS movie “Dreams of Gold (The Story of Treasure Hunter, Mel Fisher)”; The National Theatre Workshop for the Handicapped; and “Fly Rod and Reel” Magazine’s Kudos Awards, among others.

Collaborations between Glade Sarbach Davis and gemcutters like Phillip Youngman have yielded stunning pieces for our clients.  Phillip Youngman’s honors include Best in Show and Best in Suite at the world’s largest gemshow in Tuscon, Arizona.