Christina Goodman was born in Pisa, Italy to American parents.  She grew up near Washington D.C. and New Orleans and received a Fine Art degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz.  Christina later moved to New York where she studied fashion design and worked for several years as a decorative artist—specializing in gilding and painted finishes.

Christina started her own design business in 1990.  Her knowledge of decorative art and her passion for Renaissance painting merged into the creation of her own line of hand-painted miniatures and jewelry.  She continues to study and utilize 14th-16th century gilding and painting techniques, as well as Renaissance frame design. 



This hand painted jewelry is inspired by Renaissance painting and frame design.  The imagery is inspired by details in Renaissance paintings, illuminated manuscripts, botanical illustrations and elements in nature.

Each painting is done by hand using acrylics, fine brushes and, occasionally, a magnifier.  The entire piece is cast in polymer material then gilded in either 22k gold leaf or 12k white gold leaf.  It is given an antique finish and sealed with shellac.  The paintings are protected with an acrylic varnish coat.

The polymer base is a red color which emulates the traditional clay layer used beneath gilding on picture frames.  The gold may wear a bit on high points resembling the wear on antique frames.

Ear wires and posts are 14k gold.  On white gold earrings, ear wires are 14k white gold.  Chains are 14k gold filled.  Cables are gold vermeil or sterling silver.


Care and Storage

The pieces can be wiped with a very soft cloth, if needed.  Be careful not to spray the jewelry with perfume or hair products, as these contain alcohol.  Store the pieces separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching.