Nancy's passion for metal-smithing began over 30 years ago. Early on, she discovered the age-old process of forming the metal directly with hammers.  Her exploration of traditional metal-smithing techniques, hollow ware and forging, started with traditional forms. Soon she began to push the envelope both technically and visually, leaving the rotation form and functional form behind. Asymmetrical tabletop sculptures and wall pieces were a natural progression for her nature based aesthetic.

Sculptural jewelry was the next step, taking the sculpture off the pedestal and putting it on then body. Nancy did a series of one-of-a-kind sculptural bracelets over the course of two years. The tremendous success of this direction encouraged her to repeat the designs, adding earrings, neckpieces, and pins to her line of bracelets. Over the last 15 years the line has grown with 80 different designs, each made in a variety of sizes, available in both a Sterling & 18K combination and solid 18K gold.

Each of her pieces are designed and created individually using a unique hammer forming process.  She begins with a flat pattern cut from a sheet of metal, either laminated sterling silver and 18-karat gold, or solid 18 karat gold.  Some patterns are simply spontaneous shapes while others are carefully planned to achieve a preconceived vision.

The pattern is then worked systematically over wooden and plastic stakes with hammers.  Through stretching and compressing, the metal is given life and form.  The graceful flowing lines of the edges are meticulously considered from all views.  After the overall form is established, and every angle and undulation is decided, the entire surface is hammered absolutely even and true.

Finally, the piece is ready for a lengthy finishing process.  This involves filing or sanding the inside smooth, then extensively buffing and polishing to achieve a fine high polish.  The resulting finish accentuates the simple flowing lines of the jewelry.

Upon completion, all bracelets and neckpieces are signed, numbered, and cataloged, while earrings are initialed and pins are signed.





MFA, Metalsmithing, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1983

BFA, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, 1981

Diploma in Metalsmithing, School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Massachusetts, 1977

Haystack Hinkley School of Craft, Metalsmithing, Hinkley, Maine, 1971



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V.B. Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, 1983 and 1984



Metal is a powerful medium, with its presence, permanence and ancient history. It is a versatile material with endless potential.  The hammer, simply an extension of my hand, enables me to transform a flat piece of metal into a warm, sensual piece of jewelry or sculpture. Experience gives me the power to guide the metal. My pieces are my children. I bestow life upon them.  Natural form has always fascinated and excited me: plant forms, earth forms, and human forms.  A bud starts its life in early spring. Sandy clay is eroded by the ocean. A dancer glides through space with a sweeping gesture. Trees stand tall, stark and majestic against the winter sky. A smooth spiraling shell rests on a rocky beach. My soul absorbs nature's offerings and from that deep place my personal images are born.  The essential quality of my work is harmony of form. I want them to be beautiful, elegant, and soothing. I want my work to bring peace.                       
~Nancy Linkin