Sidney Soriano was born in Brooklyn, New York.  He studied at The City University of New York (CUNY), obtaining his undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature, and post-graduate degree in English Literature.  His early interest in world travel is what first attracted Sidney to the gem trade.  He began working for an importer of pearls and colored stones in 1976, and a few years into his apprenticeship, his dream of travel finally came.  Sidney’s maiden voyage was in 1980, visiting Hong Kong, Bangkok, an auction in Rangoon, Burma and finally returning through Tokyo and Kobe, Japan.  Although the rubies, sapphires and jade were incredible to behold, pearls were an especially strong passion for Sidney.

It was around this same time when pearl farmers from Tahiti were becoming very successful with their developing production and needed a New York marketer to introduce their goods to the world. Within a few years Sidney started his own company on 5th Avenue in New York City and has been at it ever since.

He remains at the forefront of changing trends from Japanese and Australian pearls to Tahitian and Indonesian pearls, and more recently Chinese freshwater pearls.  Currently the marketplace draws Sidney to Hong Kong on a regular basis, where he can find various kinds of pearls in one place. 

Sidney sells his pieces and strands to designers across the country and retains a fair amount for his own designs.  Sidney has been showing his exquisite pearl designs at Martin Gallery since it’s inception in 1999.  A variety of his work is always on display, and he is available for custom designs as well.