Limited Edition Bronze  
16 x 14 x 9 in


Passing Through depicts a flock of small shorebirds flying fast. When looking at a flock like this I see the heads, bills and bodies. The wings are a blur. It’s hard to sculpt a blur.

A flock of small fast peeps like semipalmated sandpipers are filled with kinetic energy. I have a hard time looking and absorbing all that is going on. I don’t see distinct wings. And if I put wings on, they would be static and put the brakes on the fast action. So I decided that Passing Through’s birds didn’t need wings to tell the story.

The name Passing Through came from thinking about the long migration these peeps make to their breeding grounds in the arctic and back to their wintering grounds in South America. I’ve seen sculptures I like that use geometric shapes, so I decided on a circle. It can be seen as an interpretive moon, or as a symbol of the circle of life, or the circle that migrating birds make each year. Or the viewer can decide on the story...

$ 4,000.00

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