Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Stainless Steel  
23 x 35 x 19 in

Birds enhance the quality of life for humans with their songs, color and movement. They animate the world. I can’t use their songs in my art, but I sometimes use color and the illusion of movement.

I like to sit and watch birds fly. This piece was inspired by watching immature tree swallows flying over the Gros Ventre River in Grand Teton National Park. As I sat on a high bluff above the cliff bands along the river, I watched the young and mature swallows flying from near the river then up to my level several hundred feet above and then back down. It must be fun to fly like that. Of course they are doing their work of catching flying insects for food. But they animate the beautiful scene.

Sculptors have a problem when they want to put a bird in the air. And too often it results in a bird on a stick. One way I have addressed this problem is to visualize that birds are flying in this medium we can’t see called the air. I think of the millions of molecules wafting about.

Wings, Wind and Water is attempt to capture the freedom of movement being experienced by a young tree swallow flying low over a stream.

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