Pacific Yew  
38 x 19 x 16 in

When Pacific Yew is in salt water, the orange wood turns royal purple. This piece of yew driftwood was curved, narrow, had roots and a big crack.

I really liked the curved line on the back of the piece. But it was too narrow for a bird’s wings while it was flying. After two years, I figured out that when a kingfisher hits the water it tucks its wings. So I used the yew to carve a kingfisher diving into the water and the roots to represent a dozen fish.

The Pacific yew is a very hard wood. But it finished beautifully. I especially like this piece because of the line of the diving kingfisher. It’s always fun to let the wood lead the way toward a good sculpture.

Panic Attack won Third Best in World at the 2009 Ward World Wildfowl Championships, and it was awarded the Haller Memorial Award for Sculpture from the Society of Animal Artists for 2009.

$ 20,000.00

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