Cherry, Bronze, Brass, Granite  
27 x 18 x 16 in

Plumb Cryptic is one of my subtle environmental pieces. It is mainly an attempt to portray the explosion of energy as a woodcock blasts off from the forest floor. But a close inspection will find the top of one of my 16-gauge shotgun shells sticking up out of the ground. The reality is that I have added my share of lead to the environment as I have spent time in nature looking for protein for my family. And I’m sure that my family carries lead from the shot and bullets I have used to procure game, just as woodcock carry lead obtained from the hidden shot - soil - worm path. That part of the sculpture is a subtle reminder that we humans have an impact on the earth we love.

The main story in this piece is how this bird can use its cryptic coloration to hide in the leaves until one is about to step on it, and then it blasts up in a heart-quickening explosion of energy.

Please inquire to read more about the artist's statement on Plumb Cryptic.

This piece won Second Best in World Interpretive Wood sculpture at the Ward World Championships in 2012.

$ 30,000.00

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