LEO E. OSBORNE (Sculptures)


Quilted Wood Burl with Granite Pedestal  
72 x 15.5 x 15.5 in

Drifting along in my coracle,
though amidst this world.
She came up from the depths,
her breath,
the sweet scent of the sea,
leaned over my prow,
smiled her sweet smile to me.
A temptress, yes,
her sirens’ song sweet and low,
enchanted was I,
by this serpent woman divine.
We floated together,
through times plus times three,
we splashed in the ripples of time.
here with her still,
from the net of this world we swim,
in the warmth,
of our love and bliss.
If reading my words,
this note you have found in my vessel,
that was sent adrift.
I know not where I am,
it matters me not,
for at last,
I sense I am free.
in this land of magic enchantment,
we are happy,
this mermaid and me.

$ 29,000.00

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