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This layout starts by displaying the page title, heading and description. The image asset and caption will appear below the description. You can use either a still image or a slide show with up to 10 images. Managed Artwork websites are typically either 780 pixel wide or 980 pixels wide. Depending on the width of the website you will want to create images that are slightly smaller than the full width of the website.

1. Resume – A full resume must be included. This listing should detail your education, exhibition history, work-related experience, commissions history, bibliography of publications in which your work or reviews of your work have appeared.

2. Artist Statement – Please describe your work for us. This statement needs to be a concise description of the art that you make and why you make it. It should be clear enough so that anyone who reads it can come out with a well-rounded idea of your work.

3. Visuals – The most important component will be representations of the work. Please DO NOT send actual work of any kind, as we cannot be responsible for the condition of unsolicited materials. Please submit work in CD-ROM format that can open on a PC, e-mail images and materials to the Demo Gallery, or direct us to your website address. We need to know size, price (please indicate cost or retail) and medium of all works shown.

4. Self–Addressed, Stamped Envelope – It is VITAL that you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission if you want your materials returned. We are unable to pay for return shipments on unsolicited portfolios, therefore, all submissions without a self-addressed, stamped envelope WILL NOT be returned.